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A naïve warrior and fourteen-year-old grifter must work together to survive an evil, monster-infested wood and the exploitative guild founded to clear it.

Title: Springtide Harvest

   Author: J.D. Mitchell

   Genre: Epic Dark Fantasy, Adult

   Publication Date: September 19, 2022

   Publisher: J.D. Mitchell



      418 pages, B/W

      Trim: 5 x 8 in.  (127 x 203 mm)

      ISBN: 978-1-778-13022-9

      Retail Price: CAD $21.99 | USD $17.11 | UK £14.16

      Available at: Major and independent retailers


      ISBN: 978-1-778-13023-6

      Retail Price: CAD $11.99 | USD $9.99 | UK £7.99

      Available at: Major online retailers

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The old world is dead.

Worse, it was a lie.


Haskell wants to be a legend, a hero like his grandfather who broke the orcish hordes. Froba just wants to survive and stay ahead of her cruel master—a corrupt guard who makes her grift naïve adventurers. Froba knows what Haskell doesn't: that the deck is stacked against them, and there are no heroes left in the world.


Supported by a cheerful band of misfits, Haskell must survive a monster-infested forest and the exploitative, treasure-hunting guild founded to clear it, while Froba must decide where her loyalties lie—with her carefree mark or cunning master. If fierce woodland monsters don’t devour them first.

Praise for Springtide Harvest


"...[a] roller-coaster page-turner of a journey that has you guessing at every turn. Like a delicious meal eaten at the best restaurant, by the last page, you feel wonderfully sated but still wanting more."

- Paula Wescott, Published in the New York Times

"...Fans of the classic hero’s journey will find much to love in this epic tale filled with vivid characters and fearsome creatures, where intrigue awaits around every corner. [...] Well-written and engaging, there are twists and turns (and even a few labyrinths) that will keep readers completely captivated, right up to the ending that they never saw coming!"

            - Madeleine Pelletier, Published in The Arcanist, Janus Literary

"...[T]he author paints a richly vibrant and lived-in world populated by vivid characters that kept on living and breathing long after I put down the book. ...[T]here is the nuanced spice of political intrigue, the straightforward zest of swordplay, and for fans of magic (and who isn’t?!), a pinch of sorcery to make a wonderful story really sing."

            - Jennifer Kershaw


J.D. Mitchell was raised in a number of small towns in Ontario, Canada, settling with all the transience of a Preacher's Kid; a reality he escaped through fantasy and roleplaying. An Old World Nerd, J.D.'s earliest inspirations include Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Fighting Fantasy, V, Elfquest, the Dragonlance Chronicles, the Thief of Always, The Lord of the Rings, early PC gaming, and the Cthulhu Mythos.

When old enough, J.D. saved up to physically escape rural Ontario. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in History from the University of Guelph and, in an effort to outpace inflationary pressures and urban sprawl, settled in Ottawa, Ontario with his wife, Jennifer.

J.D. has won two Honorable Mentions in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Competition and longlisted for the 2022 Gravity Award. When not writing, you can find him greasing the gears of government as a proud, albeit exasperated, Public Servant.

J.D. is finalizing The Citadel of Bureaucracy, a comedic gamebook in which the reader attempts to survive a very bad day in the Public Service, available Fall 2022.

Short Bio

J.D. Mitchell is a Canadian writer of speculative fiction. An optimistic pessimist, his stories are darkly humorous, bleakly hopeful, and informed by his historical studies and transient upbringing. The latter, while terribly angst-inducing, exposed him to a rich tapestry of people and places, as did his varied service industry jobs and a sixteen-year stint in the Public Service of Canada (but who's counting?).

The author, J.D. Mitchell

The Author chanelling his inner Smith. Sloan Square, London, England.

The author Jeremy Mitchell in England