Chronicles of the Green Wizard

Ladomas the Bold

Short Story

Honourable Mention, Writers of the Future Contest, Q2 2020

Ladomas the Wizard's Apprentice has a very bad morning; but, true to form, greets the day with optimistic vigour. He embarks on a mad quest for his master, ogres and vagabonds be damned!

The Green Wizard 

Flash Fiction

Placed 2nd in Round 1 of the NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Contest 2019

Ladomas, an artless but enterprising wizard's apprentice, must serve his master while earning a bit of coin on the side; because it is a hard world full of monsters and freedom has its price.

Green Wizard.png

Red Sun Over Silver City; or,

Kev Lar and the Hotpants of Regoolian Prime

Short Story

Honourable Mention, Writers of the Future Contest, Q1 2020

Kev Lar, sleazy galactic trader and all-around good guy, is just trying to get by; but the Trans-Astral Bank, Meatheads, FreeBot Terrorists, and Pro-Pro Provos aren't making it easy.

Join Kev and his salty plasma engineer, Jo, to see if they can move one more load of cargo, keep their trusty ship running and stave off their creditors.

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