The Harvest

I have completed my fantasy novel, Springtide Harvest, and have begun the long process of querying agents and the few publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts.

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Double the Honor!

I'm very pleased to announce that my comedic fantasy short story, Ladomas the Bold, won an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest!

Having so many of my stories recognized in large competitions is incredibly validating. It tells me that the rewrites, edits and tinkering I do to my work really does make a difference. It also helps me persevere through all the dry spells and struggles every writer faces on the daily.

I only wish I had stories to submit to the third and 

fourth quarters, but it has been full steam ahead on my novel.

WotF Q2 2020.jpg

Thanks for sticking with me and stay tuned for more stories and my eventual publication!  🤞

What an Honor!

I'm proud to announce that my comedic sci-fi novelette, Red Sun Over Silver City, won an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest!

The Contest receives thousands of entries each quarter, so placing in the top percent is a huge honour.

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WotFC, Small.jpg