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J.D. Mitchell was raised in a number of small towns in Ontario, Canada with all the transience of a Preacher's Kid, a reality he escaped through fantasy and roleplaying. An Old World Nerd, J.D.'s earliest inspirations include Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Fighting Fantasy, V, Elfquest, the Dragonlance Chronicles, the Thief of Always, The Lord of the Rings, early PC gaming, and the Cthulhu Mythos. 

Once of age, he saved up to escape rural Ontario, earned a Bachelor's Degree in History from the University of Guelph and, in an effort to outpace inflationary pressures and urban sprawl, settled in Ottawa, Ontario with his wife.

An optimistic pessimist, his stories are darkly humorous, bleakly hopeful, and informed by his historical studies and transient upbringing. The latter, while terribly angst-inducing, exposed him to a rich tapestry of people and places, as did his varied service industry jobs and a sixteen-year stint in the Public Service of Canada (but who's counting?).

J.D. has won two Honorable Mentions in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Competition and was longlisted for the 2022 Gravity Award. 

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