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"J.D. Mitchell has taken the quest trope and turned it on its head."  ⁠-Andrew's Wizardly Reads

Springtide Harvest

"If you're a fan of Tolkien, Pratchett, or even if you've never read a fantasy novel before, mark Springtide Harvest as your next 'must read.' "

-Paula Anderson, Writer

Haskell yearns to be a warrior like his grandfather who broke the orcish hordes, not the unwanted son of a ruthless merchant. With nothing but a bag of stolen coin and his grandfather’s sword, he chases glory to the borderlands. There, he hopes to prove himself worthy of his legacy against creatures more fearsome than orcs.
After assembling a band of misfits, including a jaded, street-urchin grifter, orphaned, half-orc child, and a brace of hardened mercenaries, Haskell must face a labyrinthine dungeon, an exploitative, monster-hunting guild, and his own failings as a leader. If traitors and fierce woodland monsters don’t murder him first.

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Coming 2023!

The Citadel of Bureaucracy


Part story, part game, this is a book in which YOU make all the decisions!


The Citadel of Bureaucracy holds dark and dangerous perils for Public Servants unprepared for its labyrinthine cubicle walls, but enter you must. The Albatross Pay System has shorted you, money’s tight, and long hours have left you ragged and in desperate need of a vacation. You’ve just got to make it through one more day. But it won’t be easy. Packed with asbestos, bad wiring, and with air quality equivalent to a dank, rat-infested dungeon, the Darby Complex, known as “The Citadel” to its hapless inmates, is riddled with appalling hazards and frantic Public Servants to test you beyond all reasonable limits.


Working against the clock, you must fight unreliable transit, dodgy I.T., the dreaded Canada goose, and a rising sense of nihilism in an effort to get paid and clear your desk before your vacation. YOU decide which paths to take, which dangers to risk and which colleagues to confront. May the blessings of the Janus-faced God of Finance and H.R. be with you, for you’ll find little succour in the Citadel’s unhallowed halls.

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