Jeremy is an emerging Canadian writer of speculative fiction. He draws inspiration from his transient upbringing which, while terribly angst-inducing, exposed him to a rich tapestry of people and places.

As an arts major uninterested in pursuing a career in the arts, he had a varied and instructive working life in the service industry, which, for your amusement, follows in chronological order:

  • short order cook

  • library archivist

  • municipal parks and recreation maintenance worker, gardener and janitor

  • chainsaw factory janitor

  • waiter

  • interior/exterior decorator

  • historical researcher

  • airplane de-icing research assistant

  • office temp

Jeremy went on to become a litigation information analyst, representative at horrific abuse hearings, civil servant wrangler, then policy analyst for the Public Service of Canada.

It is no surprise he turned to writing as a means of escape. 

Jeremy lives in Ottawa, Canada with his artist wife Jennifer Kershaw and their three goldfish. 

The author Jeremy Mitchell in England