Springtide Harvest 


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Haskell is restless, headstrong, and seventeen. He yearns for the adventurous life of his raider grandfather—a past his mercantile family wants to forget. Apprenticed to an abusive shipwright for four years, Haskell has had enough. He pays back his master in kind, steals money and his grandfather’s sword, and flees into the night.


Chasing riches and renown to a filthy border town designed to fleece him, Haskell attracts a merry band of misfits with his daring and naïve charm. However, his brash nature wins him as many foes as friends, and grim reality soon sours his childhood dreams. With enemies on every side and only a wily guildmistress to guide him, Haskell must look inward, find his true friends, and overcome his own faults as well as fierce woodland monsters. If he fails, he can win only two things: poverty and death.

Status: Complete at about 70,000 words.

Author's Note:

"Springtide Harvest" is the start of a series that has been rattling around inside my head since I was a boy. But don't let that worry you: a lot has been retconned since then! The overarching story is far too long for one book, as it spans the history and future of a gritty high fantasy world, and half of the second book is already written.