Springtide Harvest 

     Preview [about 5,200 words]

Rash young Haskell flees the Cityport of Khul in search of wealth and adventure in the borderlands, but it is the civilization for which he fights and the life he fled that threaten him most. Plagued by doubt and vice, Haskell must battle his flawed nature before he can overcome his enemies, save himself and rescue his newfound friends.

Status: Complete at about 70,000 words.

Author's Note:

"Springtide Harvest" is the beginning of a series rattling around inside my head. The overarching story is far too long for one book, spanning as it does the prehistory, history and future of a gritty high fantasy world. This story has been brewing since I was a boy, but don't let that worry you: A lot has been retconned since then!