Springtide Harvest 

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Driven to the brink by by a calculating father and brutal master, young Haskell finally snaps. He pays back his master in kind, steals money and his grandfather’s sword, and flees to the borderlands.


Making his way to the filthy, iniquitous town of Branthall, Haskell is marked by every crooked merchant and grifter, including Froba, a wily, taciturn fourteen-year-old who cons her way into his growing band of misfits. Haskell’s brash nature wins him powerful enemies, including a churlish merchant intent on his ruin and Froba’s unscrupulous master, who leverages her against the young warrior.

Faced with failure, loss, and betrayal, Haskell must forget tales of glory and accept the world that is, not the one he wants, while Froba must decide where her loyalties lie: with her new friends or old master. Only together can they escape their pasts, keep their friends, and avoid a hard life on cruel streets. Assuming their enemies don’t kill them first.

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