Springtide Harvest 


Haskell is restless, headstrong, and seventeen. He yearns for the adventurous life of his raider grandfather—a past his mercantile family wants to forget. Suffering under the brutal tutelage of an abusive shipwright, Haskell finally snaps and pays back his master in kind. Pursued by the Watch, he breaks into his father’s house, steals money and his grandfather’s sword, and flees into the night.


Chasing riches and renown to the borderlands, he settles in a filthy border town, where he is marked by every crooked merchant and grifter, including Froba, a wily, taciturn fourteen-year-old girl who cons her way into his party (and coin purse). Froba joins the merry band of misfits drawn by Haskell’s daring, extravagance, and naïve charm; but his brash nature also attracts powerful enemies, including Froba’s unscrupulous master. Out of money, Haskell gambles everything on a treasure-hunting expedition to a cold, wet labyrinth—the monster-infested relic of a long dead empire.


Faced with failure, loss, and betrayal, Haskell must forget tales of glory and accept unwelcome truths, while Froba must decide where her loyalties lie: with her new friends or old master. Only together can Haskell and Froba hope to escape their shameful pasts and keep their newfound friends. But Haskell’s scheming enemies threaten to split his company from within, while fierce bandits and creatures of the wilderness threaten their very lives.

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Status: Complete at about 91,000 words.

Author's Note:

Springtide Harvest is the start of a series that has been rattling around inside my head since I was a boy. But don't let that worry you: a lot has been retconned since then! The overarching story is far too long for one book, as it spans the history and future of a gritty high fantasy world.