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Changing Tack

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Some of you might have noticed a bit of radio silence from me lately. Between work and world events, I've focused on other aspects of my life.

Painting of a sloop at sail in rough waters by Anton Melbye, 1844.
"Man the wheel and set sails for Springtide Harvest; sharply now!"

I understand why they say a writer ought to have multiple projects on the backburner. It's easier to pivot when the turbulent world of publishing throws you a headwind and some chop. Honestly, I'm quite excited. It's time to get Haskell's story out the door. After all, his was the first written!

Over the last couple months, I formatted Springtide Harvest for print, brought aboard two proof readers to give the book a thorough scrub, and even designed my own cover. As soon as it's proofread, I'll set up the book on IngramSpark and Amazon, then seed the internet with ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) to try to garner a few reviews.

I've started approaching bookstores to see if I can arrange a launch and a few book signings, and plan to promote the book in other ways. All of which I'll announce, so Subscribe Now for announcements and giveways!

Thanks for checking in!

J.D. Mitchell

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